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Pick your next lens using the Nikon Simulator

“I want to try every single lens on my camera”

As an amateur photographer, getting this feeling is very obvious.

Selection of the correct lens can do wonders. No doubt about it.

But then every lens has a purpose. Lenses are damn costly.

In some cases the cost of lens alone surpasses the cost of the camera body. That’s True !

Every Pro was once an armature and we learn from mistakes.

Some mistakes can prove to be costly. Its better we learn how to avoid them.

Imagine yourself purchasing lens “A” and after a few days you discover say Lens “B” would have been a better purchase. 

That would hurt ! Right. It happens that we are so obsessed with the idea of purchasing lens ” A” that sometimes we completely rule out the existence of lens “B”.

We often need a longer lens but we don’t know how long is long enough or which wide lens is wide enough.

But I think I have a solution to this.  

I have an online resource for you.

Though it’s not a replacement for visiting the camera store before making the final purchase, but it is sufficient to develop some understanding of your knowledge of lenses and what each lenses are capable of doing.

Nikon has created this website where one can try all their lenses virtually and get a rough feel of the angle of view and focal length.   

You can also select between the Camera Body Format- FX, DX , CX or the Camera Model Number series.


The website has

8 Model Number series under the FX Format,

5 Model Number Series under the DX format and 

4 Model Number series under CX format.


Witness the difference when clicked through a FX or DX body, or through a single focus or a zoom Lens by varying the focal length.

 Select among 24 Zoom lenses and 54 single focus lenses and start experimenting.

The only drawback that I find with this site is that you cannot change the background, this means even though we have the liberty to choose from among the book-eh of lenses but not the image on the background.


How to try lenses virtually ?

The good part is that you need not walk out from your house, you need worry about lighting and weather conditions outside or about changing lenses. All you need is an internet connection. 

  1. Go to


    2. Scroll down and select the Camera Body & Lens


    3. Make a Selection and Click on “OK”

Foto Shoto

   4. Adjust the focal length by dragging the button from left to right 

Zoom in -Zoom out

That’s all for today. Feel free to leave your comment below.

Keep watching this space for more. Till then stay positive, stay safe.


Hitesh K

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