Top 5 website where you can learn photography for free

Top 5 websites where you can Learn Photography Online for Free

Right Time to Build Skills

Staying indoors in the need of the hour, we do not have an option either. 

There is no need to go out and pollute the world. 

The present lock-down at our homes have given us more time that we have always wished for. 

We have often complained in the past for not getting enough time from our routine jobs to learn and practice a new genre and master it.

This is the right time to invest in your skill, fulfill all the desires you have in your heart and become a better version of yourself.

I have compiled a list of Top 5 websites which are offering the best of their courses where you can learn photography online for free.

I have no clue for how long these photography courses are going to be available for FREE on their portal but GRAB them before they are gone.

Happy Clicking ! Stay Positive. Stay Hopeful.

List of Websites where you can Learn Photography Online for free


An excellent Initiative by Nikon. Nikon has made its entire curriculum of online photography free until the end of April 2020.

At present there are 11 courses on board, hopefully Nikon might consider adding a few more to the bucket.

They have training modules starting from “Getting started with your Nikon DSLR” to  “Fundamentals of Photography” followed by “Beyond the Fundamentals of Photography” to “Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography” and “Photographing Children and Pets and much more.

No matter whether you are a Beginner or a Pro, you will love the content.

However the user needs to Sign up before they can get access to this free course.

Sign up process is pretty simple.

Fill in your name, Email address and set a password. Click on Create Account and its done. 


2. Professional Photographers of America

As the name above suggests this website offers much more than just Photography Tutorials. 

Other than Photography Classes, they offer Free Webinars to their members where they cover a wide range of photography and photography business topics, then they have a Digital Book shelf and a separate section on Step by Step guide to building a profitable and sustainable photography business.

But I am not sure if they are going to allow anything other than the Videos under the Free Joining. Joining is Free for a limited time only.

You must click Join now before you could access the resources. Sign up process is simple.

However these courses are not FREE for life. Grab them before they are gone.



Udemy needs no separate introduction while it comes to online education.

Udemy is offering quite a lot of free courses. There are 21 different courses in Photography. 13 are in English and 2 in Hindi while the rest are in Spanish and other foreign languages.

There is NO Promo Code required to enroll in these free courses.

Though there are 21 courses, I have listed only a handful of them based on the popularity.

  1. Introductory Photography Course


  1. Photography: Ditch Auto- Start Shooting in Manual


  1. Secrets of Magazine Model Photography


  1. Learn photographic Exposure Best Practices


  1. The Beginners Guide to Photography: a camera crash course

There are 10 more photography courses. Explore and grab them before they are gone.


4. Instagram

The Camera Brands have come up with a unique concept- LIVE workshop.

Photography enthusiasts can attend the workshop from the comfort of their home, learn and get their doubts cleared. 

These workshops are totally FREE of cost and are not restricted to the Camera brand you own.

Some channels are offering two Live Photography workshops a week while some are offering just one live workshop a week.

Below are just a few Instagram channels. They are offering such Live Photography Workshops online.

In case you know any channel providing the same but not in the list below, please mention in the comments section below, so that others can see and I can also share about in our next blog post.

  1. NikonIndiaofficial

  2. Canonindia_official

  3. Lumixindia
  4. Fujifilxindia
  5. godoxindiaofficial

Just listening to content one after the other can be boring. 

After all, photography is about practice. Though there are options to click photos indoors but this does not work with everyone.

Till everything is sorted out and to break the monotony of listening to videos, I discovered something at YouTube.

5. You Tube

There is so much content on Youtube. Finding the right channel is almost like finding Needle in a sack of Hay.

While I was learning photography, my mentor emphasised on the importance of post processing.

I came across this beautiful playlist couple of days back on YouTube “Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge” alternatively it can be accessed through their website “Behance” as well.

The playlist started on March 30th, and it claims, you can build photoshop skills in 9 days. It started on 30th March and scheduled till April 10. 

It has 6 videos so far and have covered the Topics like-Layers, Colors, Filter, Brushes, Liquify and Animation.

 You need you worry about clicking pictures before you could get started with it. All the videos are super amazing and fun to do.

Let me know if this blog was helpful.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates !



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