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It is true that you cannot learn to swim by reading a book nor can you learn to drive a car that way.

If I talk about myself, just a few years back,I was not used to learning online and believed offline classes are 100 times better and one day I realised how wrong I was.

Whether you agree or not, we are all participants in an Invisible race and we don’t have an option to skip that race and you cannot deny that.

Fixed Telephones lines were replaced by Mobile phones which are now being replaced by Smartphones which will be replaced by something else in the future.

The very job for which you travelled everyday year after year from your home to the office is now being executed from one corner of your home, schools have started imparting education online. The World is trying to cope with the change .
By the time this pandemic ends, the World could witness a birth of an altogether new industry.
The idea was to communicate that change and adaptation is the need of the hour.

In photography 30-35% is post processing.
If you do not know how to edit photos, naturally you need to rely on others to get it done and they would be charging a fee for that.

Today I will share with you an absolutely amazing platform to Learn Photoshop online.

The course, the content is divided into 3 levels: Basic- Intermediate- Advanced and you need to access the course based on your expertise and knowledge.
This is quite a unique platform to learn for Free but this Free offer is for a limited time only.
They have this offer till April end otherwise one has to pay a premium and a subscription fee to join this website.
Not just the quality of content but the website itself has been so carefully planned and built to mitigate the deficiencies in online vs the offline medium of learning.

I am in no way attached to Pluralsight and I am not promoting them. It’s just that I liked what they are offering.

Since locating the course can be a bit tricky you can follow the steps below to access the Photoshop course for free

1. Log on to and click on Start Now


2. Click on Sign up Now


3. Enter Your email address, First Name, Last Name and Country. Tick mark the Terms of use and finally Click on I agree button


4. A web page will open, scroll down and select ” I will do this later”


5. A page opens. Click on the Cross Symbol as shown in the image


6. Click on Browse


7. Scroll Down and Select- Creative Professional


8. Select Photoshop



9. Filter by Content Type


Content Type has 3 options. Select Courses under Content and click on apply.

Then select between the “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” level as per your need


10. Select a course from the list in which you wish to enroll.

11. You will see various Tabs

Table of content– has the videos lined up for watching one after the other.

Transcript – The entire speech is written down and can be referred from this tab.
For someone who finds it difficult to understand the pronunciation can always go and refer to this Tab.

The best part of this website is the Discussion and Learning check tab
Under the Discussion Tab you can post questions and at the same time by going through the questions already posted adds much more to your learning.

From the Learning check Tab , you can attempt Multiple Choice Questions and check your understanding and grip on the subject. The correct/ wrong answers are highlighted immediately.

There is a completion certificate but it is an e-certificate and not a physical certificate and you can download once you complete the course.

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Stay healthy, Stay Positive


Hitesh Khanna

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