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Top 2 Photography Salon to participate for FREE in April 2020

Since the last couple of days, I have been trying to compile a list of Photography Salons.

Honestly speaking there were a lot of names that I found during the compilation.

For some, the due date to participate in the Salon was already over, so there was no point in sharing those names. 

While for the rest I noticed they had a Mandatory Entry Fee before one can participate in the Photography Salon.

Entry Fee is not the problem.

I was rather searching for a Salon where one could participate without burning a hole in their pocket. The search was never easy.

After much struggle, finally this morning I have been able to come up with two Photography Salon in India where you can participate for free.

After you read this article, do not postpone it for tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

The last date of submission is 15th April 2020 for one of them while for the other the date of capture of the image cannot be later than 14th April 2020.

But before that let me tell you that it’s a WIN-WIN opportunity for you.

I am not talking about the Entry Fee alone.

I am rather talking about the experience you will gain right from scratch.

Winning and Losing are all part of the game.

Though I have summarized the information in a tabular form below shared and links of the website as well,  still I would advise you to visit their website individually  and read the rules of participation very thoroughly.

Both the Photography Salons can be participated for FREE.

All the very best !!! Happy Clicking !

The first name in the our list is :


Free Salon of Photography


a. Who Can Participate Indian Residents only
b. Name of Club/ Organiser Dum Dum FOTO UNIT
c. Entry Fee NIL
d. Medium of Submission Digital
e. Sections Open Color/ Open Monochrome/ Photo Travel/ Nature
f. Maximum Submission 4 Photographs per Section

Maximum 16 photographs as a whole.

g. Date of Judging 25 April 2020
h. Last date to participate 15 April 2020
i. Date of Announcement of Result 29 April 2020
j. Website
k. Salon Info/ Rules/ Awards

With an option to submit 16 images per participant, the organizer has a total of 99 awards to give away.

Check the award section on their website.

With the salon open only for Indian residents and option of 16 photos , chances to score an award is very high.

The final name in the list is :

2. National Academy of Photography

a. Who Can Participate Open to all
b. Name of Club/ Organiser National Academy of Photography
c. Entry Fee NIL
d. Medium of Submission Digital
e. Sections One section with both Color and B&W Digital Images or Mixed
f. Maximum Submission Maximum 2 photographs
g. Special Instruction Image should be clicked between 22.03.20 to 14.04.20
h. Date of Judging 10 May 2020
i. Date of Result 07 June 2020
j. Last date to participate 26 April 2020
k. Website
l. Salon Info/ Rules/ Awards

National Academy of Photography has mentioned in its rules that Outdoor Photography is not allowed, even from the backyard. This means it has to be shot Indoor.

If you are photographing the outside world from indoor, your windows / doors should be part of the frame.

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Hope you found the article useful and enjoyed reading it.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

Till then Stay positive, Stay safe and Happy Clicking !!!


Hitesh Khanna

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