Best Virtual Camera Simulator to Learn Metering

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Today I have got something very special to share.

But before that tell me honestly, how many times did you NOT click a shot, just to save the shutter count. I myself did that a lot of times.

Most probably because we knew what the resulting image is going to look like. Correct !

Photography is all about Creativity and Creativity is all about Experimenting.

Experiments do not come with a “success always” tag.

But the more you experiment, the better you know what is definitely NOT going to work.

This means you would only be left with what actually works. This differentiates a Pro from the rest.

When I was learning photography, I always wanted to try out as many images as possible by keeping one setting constant (say the F Number) while changing the other two settings primarily Shutter Speed & ISO and trying the other way round- that too for ONE particular image or scene.

I know this is insane. This means I would end up clicking some 1600 images or may be even more.

The Milky effect of flowing stream of water or the Panning effect are just a few outcomes of insane experiments like this.

Forget clicking 1500 images, we are afraid to sacrifice fifty (50) shutter count.

I have a solution.

I am going to share a very special resource where you can experiment and enhance your understanding on the Exposure Triangle and Exposure Metering without sacrificing a single shutter on your camera.

This is known as the Virtual Camera Simulator or the Exposure Triangle Simulator.

In layman’s term for a pre-selected image on the computer screen, you can experiment at heart by adjusting the Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed one by one or together all of them and see what the resulting image looks like.

The best part is, that it is absolutely FREE. No Restrictions on the number of trails at all.

You can keep on experimenting with it all day long.

Believe me this is the best resource to learn the Basics of Photography and how metering works.

Make sure you read the entire article before jumping on the website. Chances are that you might miss something.

Camera Simulators for Photography Beginners


I have fallen in love with this website.

Their website has got 3 sections

Learn for Free

  • Learn
  • Play and
  • Challenge

Learn:  In this section Canon has kept it very simple and  summarized while explaining the Exposure Triangle and the 3 Components of Exposure Triangle namely the – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

While you are on the Learn page don’t forget to check the 11 TIPS that they have shared.

Tips for Beginners

Play: This is our playground to experiment and learn.

The first feel that you might get as well is as if you are using a live view on your camera.

In this section, there is a pre-set image.

One have the liberty to close Between Manual Mode, Shutter Priority Mode and Aperture Priority Mode and based on the choice of camera mode, you can adjust the Aperture, Shutter and ISO.

Virtual camera

The reading on Exposure Meter would change based on your selection of Aperture, Shutter and ISO

In the above image the Exposure Meter displays the message Good Exposure.

As you continue to vary Aperture, Shutter and ISO, the readings on the exposure meter would change accordingly.

Click on the camera ICON to see what the final image looks based on your selection on the Mode and the component of exposure triangle.

Basics of Photography

You not only get to see the camera settings used but also get to read some valuable tips.

Make sure you read these tips every time you alter the camera settings.

The last and final section of this website is the “Challenge” section. You will be tested on 6 images.

As soon as you accept to the play the challenge, you would get a model image on your screen, something like this

And the task is to identify the Aperture, ISO and Shutter values that would produce the same image.

That’s the test of your knowledge and how better you have understood the exposure triangle well.

There is much more and I would like to leave it up to you to explore and comment to us.

Try to make the most of it.

I hope you find this post useful like our previous blog posts.

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I will be sharing useful content and stuff related to Photography on Telegram.

See you soon. Till then stay healthy, stay positive.


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